Helpful Words and Phrases for Superior Essays Writing – Words 300

Logical Coherence in Superior Essays Writing

While writing superior essays you mustnt forget of logical transition from one section of your text to another. Among different tips for successful writing essays you can always find not to skip. That means you should use certain phrases and words to link your thoughts. The superior essay is like a necklace made of bright beads (your arguments) connected with almost invisible fasteners (words and phrases used for smooth transfer to your next statement). As a rule these phrases and words are used at the beginning of a new paragraph but not at the start of the essay.

Types of Transitions

The superior essays words and phrases can be subdivided into several types:

  • Words to Emphasize Previously Made Point: moreover, again
  • Words to State The Same Idea Differently: in other words, alternatively
  • Words to Write In List: firstly, finally
  • Words to Sum Up: on the whole, therefore
  • Words to Emphasize a Point Of View: in spite of, on the other hand
  • Words to Express Similarity: also, in the same way, likewise
  • Words to Show The Results: as a results, so
  • Words to Show Examples: for instance, in particular
  • Words to Indicate a Reason: because, due to
  • Words to Conclude: in closing, to conclude
  • Words to Generalize: generally speaking, as a rule
  • Words to Compare: on the contrary, on one hand
    and so on.

Richness of Superior Essays Content

There are many synonymic useful words and phrases. They have some difference of meaning and field of application. But be careful! Do not let these fasteners become more attractive than your beads. You should remember useful phrases and words are only tools that help you to express your ideas in your superior essays and to organize your work. They mean nothing if you have nothing to say.

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