Arts Essay


Art essay deals with different forms human activities those appeals to the sense or emotions of the human being. The art can be of many types it can be literature, fine arts, dance or music. All these are integral part of human life and for many of us these are the refreshments from the drudgery of life. The performing of different arts is an integral part of human civilization throughout the history. All the great civilizations have their own brand of art and these have enriched the human civilization to a great extent. The Greek Civilizations, the Roman Civilizations, Ancient Egypt civilizations, Chinese civilizations all those civilizations have their own treasures of art and culture.

In the prehistoric era, most forms of arts are quite simple in nature. Man tries to emulate his daily experience through different forms of arts like cave painting, or songs in their own language. As the human civilizations become more powerful, the daily hazards for getting food get minimized; human has more time to express their thoughts. The invention of language helps a lot in this process of expressing thoughts. The different forms of arts like fine arts, songs, literature or drama become more sophisticated.

In the renaissance era in Europe we found some great development in different forms of arts. Some of the great exponents like Shakespeare, Dante, and Leonardo De Vinci all have changed the face of human arts like drama, literature or painting. As the days passed the different form of arts become more abstract. You need to have good knowledge to understand the modern days painting or poems.

In arts we can get the picture of a particular time or era. In that way it is a secondary source of history. By reading the literature of 17th or 18th century we can get an idea about the society of that era. In this way it is a great catalyst in increasing our knowledge. It is a great reliever of mental worries. If a person is attached with any form of arts he will be able to tackle all the mental stresses those are the byproducts of our modern materialistic world. A beautiful painting or song or drama can relieve all our stress and fatigue in a moment. A person who hasn’t got the taste of these beautiful things has wasted his life.

An art essay will deal with one of the forms of arts; it may be painting or fine art, songs, drama, cinema and literature. You also need to specify the time period or the particular work or the particular artist on whom you want to make your writing. You need to do the necessary back ground study before choosing any subject. The contemporary historical background is also need to be known before assessing any artistic subject. It needs to be remembered all the time that a lot of other issues like social and political issues are attached with this subject. This kind of writing is very important for a student of this stream